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Our goal with Visiobike design was to make a sexy, elegant and beautiful ebike that will catch looks in any scenery.


Prepare yourself to be amazed with the amount of useful technology built in Visiobike.

Carbon fibre


Strong, light and beautiful, carbon fiber technology that we're using is the best available.

3 year warranty

Our exquisite craftsmanship enables us to give you 3 year of full warranty.


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I found Visiobike extremely comfortable. The electric motor kicks in gradually, while the automatic NuVinci gears provide a seamlessly smooth transition through the gears.


Our goal with Visiobike Carbono design was to create a beautiful and sexy ebike with distinct and immediately recognizable design.

A team of professional designers, turned our pitch of unisex, urban, a little bit futuristic and elegant ebike came to life. 



Technology is built in Visiobike DNA from day one. From original idea of integrating smartphone with ebike to one of the most advanced ebikes available on the market, we're proud to be a technology leader on the market.


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Carbon fibre was a natural choice for us when it comes to frame material topic. Carbon allowed us to play with the design and shape of Visiobike frame while enabling us to build one of the lightest and most special ebikes on the market.





From the start, we've designed Visiobike with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. By choosing only top components from the best suppliers on the market we're able to achieve a very high level of overall quality and offer you 3 year warranty.


30 day money back guarantee

We know that Visiobike is so good that there is absolutely no chance you will ever want to return it. 

In case that you don't like Visiobike for whatever reason (we'll be curious to hear one...), we'll make a full refund within 30 day of purchase.

14,5 Ah battery


25/32 km/h

GPS tracking

Starting from 4.799,00€

VAT and shipping within EU included in price


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