Smartphone integration

Pin code unlock
Without entering correct pin code, Visiobike will not work.
Main screen
See your current speed, battery level and change between 10 levels of engine support!
Get around the city with built in Google maps navigation.
Camera mounted under the seat sends the image of what's happening behind you!
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Anti theft system

Visiobike anti theft system is the most advanced system ever built in an electric bicycle. We know that potential theft is one of the biggest problems for any bike owners and that is why we developed 5 layers of anti theft protection in Visiobike.


pin code unlock

To use Visiobike, you need to enter a correct pin code in your Visiobike smartphone application.


software unlock

Until you turn on Visiobike through the smartphone app, electric motor and automatic shifter will not work and will be effectively useless.


hardware lock

By using semi-automatic electronic lock you can imobilise the rear wheel.


movement sensor

If your Visiobike is locked and moved, you will be immediately notified about unauthorised movement.




If all everything else fails, the last line of defence against the thieves is built in GPS module which enables you to track real time location of your Visiobike.

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